Organic Waldmann's, Lactuca sativa .100 grams

Organic Waldmann\'s,  Lactuca sativa   .100 grams
Light: Full Sun/Part Shade
Plant Height:  
Seedling Depth: 1/8" 
Days to Maturity: 28 days baby, 49 full size
When to Sow:
Sow when no danger of frost.  Start transplants 3-4 weeks before setting outside.   Sow seeds 4 per inch in flats or small-cell plug trays, barely covering with fine soil.  If sowing into flats, transplant 2 weeks later into plug trays, pots, or into another flat at 1-2” apart. 
Seedling Rate:       Babyleaf:  60 seeds/ft, in 2” bands.
                                  Full size:   3 seeds every 8-10”.
Row Spacing:        Babyleaf - ¾” between bands, 16 rows/36” bed.
                                  Full size - 12-18” or 3 rows/36” bed, 5’ centers. 
Plant Spacing:      Babyleaf:  Continuous band.
                                 Full size:   8-12”.
Cut lettuce holds best when harvested in the morning and cooled rapidly.  For salad mix or baby leaf production, harvest individual leaves when they reach desired size, or cut evenly across the bed making sure to stay above the growing tip.  For a continuous harvest, sow lettuce every 3 weeks.
Special Features
Lettuce (Latuca sativa) is cool season annual in the Compositae family, which includes endive, escarole, chicory, globe artichoke, sunflower, Jerusalem artichoke, salsify, and burdock.  A dark green large loose leaves, open heads are slightly savoyed and wavy. Great for spring sowings with medium to slow bolting.  Requires cool temperature and shallow planting for best germination results. Available as raw and pelleted seed. 
Disease Resistance: Tip Burn, MTO-10
Approx. 150 seeds per package.