Organic Sylvetta Wild Arugula, Diplotaxis tenuifolia .300 grams

Organic Sylvetta Wild Arugula, Diplotaxis tenuifolia  .300 grams

Light :  Grow lights, outdoor under shade, or in hoophouses with natural light.

Soil Requirements:  Choose flats with drainage holes for planting, 1020 plastic flats work well. Fill flats to an inch or more with moist potting soil or soil-less mix.
Plant Height:                
Seedling Depth:  Seed is soaked 8-12 hours before planting unless using a hydroponic system.
Plant Spacing:             Thin to 6”
Seeding Rate:               1/4-1/2lb seed for a flat.
When to Sow:               Early season indoors and or in hoophouses
                                         with natural light or outdoor under shaded
                                         area when there is no danger of frost.
Harvest:                       On average about 10 days after planting.
Days to Maturity:      21 days baby, 40 full size
Special Features:
Standard arugula variety with long, green leaves and spicy flavor. Pops up quickly and withstands cold temperatures. Keep moist for uniform sprouting. Ensure moisture by covering seeds using a clear dome to cover tray. Remove dome after seedlings emerge to avoid mold and rot.
Approx. 250 seeds per package.

  Arugula (3)
  Asian Greens (6)
  Baby Lettuce (20)
  Beet Greens (3)
  Brassicas (2)
  Chard (6)
  Collards (1)
  Eggplant (1)
  Endive (1)
  Escarole (1)
  Kale (1)
  Mustard Greens (7)
  Salad Mixes (1)
  Specialty Greens (3)
  Squash (3)
  Turnip (2)
  Upland Cress (1)
  Watermelon (3)
  Zucchini (1)