Organic Surrey Arugula, Eruca sativa .300 grams

Organic Surrey Arugula, Eruca sativa .300 grams
Light :   Grow lights, outdoor under shade, or in hoophouses with natural light.
Soil Requirements:  Choose flats with drainage holes for planting, 1020 plastic flats work well. Fill flats to an inch or more with moist potting soil or soil-less mix.
Plant Height:                
Seedling Depth:             1/8inch
                                           30-50 seeds/ft.
                                           Germination should take 5-7 days.
                                           If using a hydroponic system soak seeds
                                           8-12 hours prior to planting.
Plant Spacing                Thin to 6”
Seeding Rate:                30-50 seeds/ft.
When to Sow:               Early season indoors and or in hoophouses
                                         with natural light or outdoor under shaded
                                         area when there is no danger of frost.
Cut just above soil level. For baby-leaf, clip leaves for cut-and-come-again. After plants flower, the leaves can still be used but taste is sharper. Flowers are also edible. For a continual supply plant every 2-3 weeks until 1 month prior to first avg. frost date.
Days to Maturity:            21 baby, 40 full size
Special Features:
Similar in appearance to wild arugula, but faster and easier to grow with deep lobes and upright habit. Flavor is milder than true wild arugula and similar to salad arugula.
Approx. 250 seeds per package.

  Arugula (3)
  Asian Greens (6)
  Baby Lettuce (20)
  Beet Greens (3)
  Brassicas (2)
  Chard (6)
  Collards (1)
  Eggplant (1)
  Endive (1)
  Escarole (1)
  Kale (1)
  Mustard Greens (7)
  Salad Mixes (1)
  Specialty Greens (3)
  Squash (3)
  Turnip (2)
  Upland Cress (1)
  Watermelon (3)
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