Organic Komatsuna , Brassica rapa var perviridis .300 grams

Organic Komatsuna , Brassica rapa var perviridis  .300 grams
 Light : Grow lights, outdoor under shade, or in hoophouses with natural light.
Soil Requirements:  Choose flats with drainage holes for planting, 1020 plastic flats work well. Fill flats to an inch or more with moist potting soil or soil-less mix.
Plant Height:                    
Seedling Depth:             ¼” to ½"
Plant Spacing:              2/3” between bands for baby leaf.
                                         Thin to 6” for full size leaf.
Seeding Rate:                60 seeds/ft in a 2-4” for baby leaf
                                         12 seeds/ft and spacing rows at 18”
                                         for full size leaf.
When to Sow:               Sow from early spring through midsummer.
When seedlings get their first true leaves, anywhere from 1/2" to 2" in height. For most items this will be 2-4 weeks after sowing, depending on the variety, growing conditions, and final product size desired. Cut with scissors or a sharp knife and minimize handling to reduce damage.
Days to Maturity:            21 days baby, 40 full size
Special Features:
Most Asian Greens are moderately hardy annuals and can be sown from early spring through midsummer. Asian greens are in the same family as mustards but tend to have a mild flavor and lack the spiciness that many mustards are known for. Asian greens include an assortment of species that can be grown for baby leaf or full size crops.  Heat tolerant greens with dark-green, glossy leaves and white, juicy midribs. Harvest at any stage and use in salads, as braising greens, boiled or pickled. Stronger flavor as plants mature.
Approx. 250 seeds per package.

  Arugula (3)
  Asian Greens (6)
  Baby Lettuce (20)
  Beet Greens (3)
  Brassicas (2)
  Chard (6)
  Collards (1)
  Eggplant (1)
  Endive (1)
  Escarole (1)
  Kale (1)
  Mustard Greens (7)
  Salad Mixes (1)
  Specialty Greens (3)
  Squash (3)
  Turnip (2)
  Upland Cress (1)
  Watermelon (3)
  Zucchini (1)