Organic Dill Bouquet, Anethum graveolens .750 grams

Organic Dill Bouquet, Anethum graveolens  .750 grams
Light: Sun
Plant Type: Annual, Herb
Plant Height: 12 inches tall
Plant Width:  
Flower Color: Chartreuse flowers
Bloom Time:  
When to Sow:
Sow seeds after danger of frost.
Special Features:
Flowers, Fragrant, Attracts Butterflies, Drought Tolerant, Blooms Mid-Summer Deer Resistant, Easy to Grow.  This is an easy flower to grow and remains drought tolerant especially during the long hot summers. It is a delicate flower similar to Queen Anne's Lace with a flat top. It attracts butterflies and bees. Use seeds for seasoning bread, vegetables fish and pickles. The plants self-seed; snip and sow seeds every four weeks during the growing season.

Approx. 250 seeds per pkg.

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  Chives (1)
  Cilantro (1)
  Dill (1)
  Fennel (1)
  Marjoram (1)
  Oregano (2)
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